Press Release: SteerBridge Names Devin Dupaix Chief Technology Officer

Sep 9, 2022 1:32:35 PM / by SteerBridge Public Affairs

SteerBridge is excited to announce that Devin Dupaix has joined our team as our Chief Technology Officer. Devin’s past CTO work includes overseeing Software and Data Engineering at Espire and enhancing cyber, information and kinetic convergence targeting at the SOJTF in Afghanistan. His extensive technical background includes over twenty years of using technology to solve problems for multiple fortune 500 companies in progressive roles as a software engineer, solution architect and program manager. Devin is also currently serving in the military reserves, with ten years in Marine Corps Infantry and ten years in Army Intelligence.

“We are excited to add Devin to our team, as a proven leader with a track record of success to accelerate growth in our technology and consulting services,” said Rob Schroder, SteerBridge Founder and Managing Partner. “Devin’s hire marks a key milestone for SteerBridge with our first c-suite role. It is fitting that we lead the growth of SteerBridge with this critical leadership position. Now we have an opportunity to bring more technology-based solutions and innovations to federal and state agencies as we help our clients solve today’s challenges and also position them for the future.”

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