Why the Future of the F-35 Program Is Actually About ‘Integrated Deterrence’.

Jun 12, 2023 3:47:17 PM / by SteerBridge Public Affairs

SteerBridge Founder Rob Schroder, and SteerBridge F-35 Subject Matter Expert Michael Dehner, recently shared their insights on the future of the U.S. F-35 Program. 

The SteerBridge leaders highlight a concern that "Despite rapidly devolving security situations in both Europe and the Indo-Pacific, the Defense Department’s FY23 budget calls for reduced purchases of the F-35, the most capable aircraft ever to exist. With the program’s international partners set to take a greater share of new aircraft coming online, the Joint Program Office (JPO) – the entity which oversees every aspect of the F-35, including foreign partners and military sales – could become an enabler for the Biden Administration's new concept of "integrated deterrence.” The two retired Marine Corps Pilots add that there are several key concepts that can be implemented to limit future management issues within the F-35 Program. These concepts include mitigating execution risk, maintaining availability and readiness, keeping capability and lethality foremost in mind, and continuous improvement of the Program itself. These solutions would allow the Department of Defense to build upon lessons learned and correctly position the F-35 Program for years to come.

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