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June 5, 2024, Vienna, VA – The office was abuzz with excitement as SteerBridge welcomed a distinguished guest. Matt Stevens, CEO of The Honor Foundation, arrived to accept a donation, symbolizing much more than financial support. This moment epitomized the deep-rooted commitment of SteerBridge to assist transitioning U.S. service members.


SteerBridge's collaboration with The Honor Foundation exemplifies our unwavering dedication to supporting Veterans and military spouses, ensuring their seamless transition to the private sector, and demonstrating our commitment through meaningful actions.

In the business world, supporting Veterans' transition from military to civilian life is often not a highlighted as a priority for most. However, the companies that do, and execute these commitments, truly make a difference. Companies working with transitioning service members look for tangible actions that reflect this support.


Transitioning from elite military service to the private sector poses significant challenges for many Veterans. Recognizing the complexity of this transition, SteerBridge has consistently sought to bridge the gap through comprehensive support systems.


Rob Schroder, the founder of SteerBridge, has a personal connection to this mission. Reflecting on his early days at the United States Naval Academy, Rob recalls the profound influence of leaders like Matt Stevens. Their guidance has left an indelible mark on his approach to leadership and his dedication to supporting fellow Veterans.


“This was a special one for me. Matt Stevens was one of those key individuals that helped mold me at an early age as a young plebe at the United States Naval Academy,” said Schroder.


Choosing to actively support transitioning Veterans was a natural decision for SteerBridge. The company’s hiring practices, mentorship programs, and partnerships with initiatives like Hiring Our Heroes reflect a deep-seated commitment to this cause.


The donation to The Honor Foundation is a testament to SteerBridge’s ongoing efforts. This act of support highlights the company's resolve to invest in the future of Veterans, ensuring they have the resources and opportunities needed to thrive in their post-military careers.


As Rob presented the donation, Matt Stevens expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the impact of SteerBridge's support. This partnership is not just about financial aid but about a shared commitment to leading by example and making a tangible difference in the lives of transitioning service members. At SteerBridge, we continue to uphold the values of leadership, service, and unwavering support for our nation's heroes.


Stevens provided additional remarks on LinkedIn following the event stating “The mission, culture, and most importantly - the people at SteerBridge are inspiring. Partnering with people and organizations that lead by example and action is an easy decision.”

Post by SteerBridge
June 12, 2024