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VIENNA, VA - May 23, 2024 - SteerBridge, renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation, proudly announces its sponsorship of the upcoming MCAA Journal publication. Using an iconic image that captures a legacy Corsair aircraft flying alongside an AV-8B Harrier, flown by SteerBridge's founder, Robert Schroder, during his tenure as the commanding officer of VMA-214.  This flight was done as part of a Blacksheep squadron historical reunion on April 14, 2011, at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona.

At SteerBridge, challenges are embraced as opportunities for growth, reflecting the ethos of perseverance and determination instilled by every member of the team. The sponsorship of this historic image symbolizes SteerBridge's unwavering dedication to honoring its heritage while paving the way for future triumphs.

The photograph, captured against the backdrop of the deserts of the Southwest, serves as a visual testament to the rich history and enduring legacy of VMA-214. This renowned squadron, initially commissioned as Marine Fighter Squadron 214 in 1942, distinguished itself through unparalleled valor and tenacity, earning the esteemed title of "Black Sheep" under the iconic leadership of Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington.

VMA-214 was re-designated to VMFA-214 on March 25, 2022, marking a pivotal moment in military aviation, underscoring the Marine Corps' commitment to innovation as it bids farewell to the AV-8B Harrier, ushering in a new era of air superiority with the F-35B Lightning II.

SteerBridge's sponsorship of the magazine exemplifies its enduring support for the men and women of our armed forces, echoing the values of integrity, sacrifice, and leadership that define both the company and VMA-214. Through its steadfast commitment to honoring our military heritage, SteerBridge continues to forge a path of excellence, guiding its clients through challenges and creating opportunities for success.

As the Marine Corps looks to the future of Marine Aviation, SteerBridge remains steadfast in its commitment to honoring the legacy of VMA-214, the AV-8B Harrier, and the F4U Corsair, ensuring that the sacrifices of our nation's heroes are never forgotten. With each milestone achieved and each challenge overcome, SteerBridge reaffirms its dedication to serving those who serve our country, embodying the spirit of sacrifice and resilience that defines our nation's finest.

MCAA Journal SteerBridge Cover Design


Post by SteerBridge
May 23, 2024